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Hats have to suit certain head shapes. like glasses suit particular face shapes, not all hats are going to agree with you. we’ve created this handy guide to show you which hat style is right for you.

Diamond Face - Broad cheekbones? Narrow forehead? Tapered chin? We’d suggest a fedora to bring out your strong facial features. But steer clear of going too wide with your brim, as your face is quite linear you won’t want to go too horizontal with your hat. 

Square Face - A very common face shape that suits a very common and classic hat. A square face is more inclined to pull off something to make your shape less boxy, so opting for something with a rounder shape crown and even brim will even this out.

Oblong Face - If your features include a longer face than it is wide,  you should definitely go for hat with a curved peak wide brim fedora or a hot with a shorter crown.

Round Face - For a circle like shape you need to even out the symmetrical nature by counteracting it with a asymmetrical hat, so avoid wide crowns and go for a high crown or slanted brim. As this face shape is also associated with a wide forehead, it’d be acceptable to pull the front of the hat forward.