Rodney Patterson is a New York based accessory designer, He has worked as stylist and visual director for many leading fashion companies. after a successful career in fashion presentation, he launched his accessory collection Esenshel.

Esenshel is a men's and women's headwear collection,  designed to be an extension of the wearer, to reflect his or her lifestyle. This is the foundation upon which the collection is built.  Esenshel identifies and defines the needs of the modern urban wearer. 

Esenshel was born of Rodney's  desire to express himself creatively through the development of tangible accessory items. Items he envisions  but were unavailable in the marketplace. authentic to his aesthetic and thAT of other forward thinking individuals.

Esenshel accessories are thoughtful, unique in shape and proportion, and hand crafted in America. The current collection focuses on headwear, future collections will include bags and outerwear.